Parllay Gamification and Insights Up the Ante for Content Marketing

content marketing

I had a call last week with the folks from Parllay (Tarek Najm, CEO & Founder of Parllay and Sherwyn Soff, President of Parllay Enterprise) about their new tools that aid content marketing using a semantic knowledge graph and gamification to close the loop between social media engagement and commerce. As content marketing expands its […]

Social Media Analytics: How’s Your Social Media Strategy Going?

predictive analytics

Are you really kicking your social media marketing? For too many folks the answer is: I don’t know And, that’s a problem.  Without good social media analytics and someone who knows how to interpret them, you just keep doing stuff and HOPE you’re getting some results. What specific social media strategies are working? Which social […]

Back to Marketing Basics: Market Research in the Social Media Age

market research

Market research is often undervalued in companies and is often one of the first things eliminated when times are tough.  But, that’s the wrong attitude. Market research is crucial for uncovering marketing opportunities. Consider the humble minivan — only the MOST successful new car concept in many years.  This car concept generate billions of dollars […]

5 Tips for Creating Social Media Content that Rocks!

social media marketing

We often hear that social media content is KING! And, there’s a reason for that — social media content encourages sharing, builds lasting customer relationships, helps prime the sales funnel with qualified prospects, and builds your online reputation (brand). But, creating great social media content is hard — especially if you have to do it […]