There’s an App for That: Be Where Your Customer Are !

popularity of mobile game apps

Yesterday I talked about the rise of mobile marketing — with 72 Million users in the US; a number increasing by 37% a year as more folks get smartphones and tablets.  People use their smartphones for everything from searching for a restaurant and getting directions to playing music and games.  Increasingly, folks use mobile apps […]

Top 5 Indicators the Social Media Bubble is Collapsing ?

swimming in the red ocean.

Today, Technorati reported the acquisition of 1 “social beer” platform by another amid speculation that the social media bubble is collapsing just like the dot.coms did in 2000.  OK, so the acquisition of one platform dedicated to checking-in what beer you’re drinking where by another doesn’t imply the social media bubble is collapsing, but other […]

Social Media Marketing: Small Businesses in Developing Nations

growth of start-ups relies on effective marketing

I thought I’d share the powerpoints from my 2 day training with Nigerian University Chancellors visiting Howard University to learn how technology can be used to promote economic development and success of small businesses in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.  Obviously, I talked about how to use social media as a driver of economic […]

Social Media Marketing Done Right !

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Last week I was traveling to meet clients and visit schools with my daughter.  I like to take these opportunities to observe local businesses.  I often see things done wrong, which is very frustrating — I sometimes feel like all the work I do training students both at the university and professionally through speaking and […]

How To Create a Marketing Plan: Part 2.

sustainable competitive advantage

My prior post covered the first half on How to Create A Marketing Plan.  Today, I’m covering the second half of how to create a marketing plan.  Specifically, we’ll be covering using findings from the situation analysis to develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your objectives.  The last part of this series will […]

SEO Steve Wiideman Guests on Ask a Marketing Expert

Ask a Marketing Expert

While we’re waiting for Steve to show up, I’d like to ask the group a question. Of all the tactics you’ve tried in your business, what do you think has been the most successful and why? Richard Miles I don’t know if you’d call it a “tactic” but the most successful thing is dogged, unrelenting […]

The Future of Social Media Marketing: Geolocation and Crowdsourcing

However, crowdsourcing and geolocation can have a more meaningful impact, such as during the Haitian earthquake when most maps became obsolete overnight. Here aid workers crowdsourced locations of aid stations, medical stations, and to coordinate volunteers with those in need.

I Can Get Google Page 1 if Customers Hate My Company Enough !

Wow ! This story sure created a lot of buzz when it hit the New York Times last week. A company’s SEO strategy revolved around poor customer service and bad product. Complaints voiced on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites combined with complaints on complaint websites, like Rip Off Report, and other online negative comments got Mr. Borker’s company on the first page of a Google search for several product types he carries.