How to Optimize Content with Social Analytics

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How to Optimize Content Marketing with Social Analytics Whether your goal as a marketer is to engage your community, drive leads to your online store, or increase brand notoriety, content marketing is paramount. For each goal, you’ll need to define specific content strategies and monitor specific social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Content marketing and […]

Social Media Boon or Bust for Small Businesses?

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Just a few years ago, social media or digital marketing was heralded as the “Great Equalizer” — a tool that would give small businesses an equal footing with the giants (enterprise businesses). With the recent change in organic reach at Facebook, is that still true? Is social media a boon or bust for small business? […]

Creating Facebook Engagement

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Creating Facebook engagements is really challenging. When interviewed on MarketingProfs, here’s what Mari Smith, Facebook Guru, had to say about this challenge: Well, ‘See’ has absolutely plummeted. I’m like everyone else. I’m in the same boat. My organic reach, in late 2013 I had over 120,000 fans and my posts were reaching an average of […]

Free Lunch Over at Facebook

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Well, we all knew it was going to happen. The free lunch is over at Facebook. Some are angry.Some feel betrayed. But, really. Did you expect Facebook was going to give us free traffic forever? Try selling that deal to your ad rep from the newspaper or TV station. Facebook is a business, just like […]

Finding a GOOD Content Marketing Agency

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Many of you may be looking for a good content marketing agency or hoping to hire an employee or 2 to do content marketing for your firm. That’s because Google, in its infinite wisdom has primarily replaced old SEO tactics with content marketing. As an agency offering content marketing, I’m thrilled, but it may leave […]

The Art and Science of Social Media Analytics


There’s an art and science of social media analytics. In this post, I use data from a new client showing how both art and science are important in analyzing and formulating marketing strategy.

4 Tips for Dominating Facebook

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A Facebook account is like the digital equivalent of a social security number—if you don’t have one, you practically don’t exist. According to social media standards, a person’s experiences is nearly unreal if not documented and shared on Facebook. Similarly, a business’s products and services are discredited and under-marketed if absent from the biggest social […]