Social Media: Making Friends For Money

social media: making friends on facebook

NOW, settle down. We’re not talking about the oldest profession. We’re talking about how businesses can build real friendships through social media — friendships that look more like true friendships and build communities among their friends to support their business goals. Why businesses should make friends on Facebook? Businesses question the value of incorporating social […]

Facebook Business Marketing

Facebook business page

It’s been a while since I talked about social media strategies for Facebook Business Marketing and much has changed.  So, I thought I’d discuss some issues to create success with your Facebook business marketing. Facebook Business Marketing Facebook is just one tool for social media marketing, but it’s a biggie.  Facebook currently has nearly 1 […]

Google+ Business Marketing: Is the Sharepocalypse Coming?

google plus

Alright, so business pages won’t be available on Google+ for a few more months, but that doesn’t mean folks aren’t already salivating over the prospect of Google+ business marketing. Amid the hype and anticipation, some question whether consumers will follow brands to Google+ or whether they’ll stay where they are: on Facebook.  So, maybe we […]

Exciting “Kinectic Type” Contest Announcement! – takes a “David and Goliath” stance to challenge Facebook (get all of the details right here)

Exciting Kinectic Type Contest Announcement! – Upstart takes a “David and Goliath” stance to challenge Facebook. Win free ad credits and be featured in a “world-wide” advertising campaign with full creative credits – if you’ve “Got the Right Stuff.”

Hidden Dangers: Santa’s Using Facebook for His Holiday Shopping

Well, if you were one of the millions of people braving freezing temperatures early Friday morning in hopes of scoring that perfect Christmas gift, the impact of social networks on this year’s holiday shopping comes as no surprise. First, Facebook hosted not one, but several Fan pages advertising advance posts of the coveted Black Friday ads — of course these Facebook fan pages were more hype than actual information. Foursquare and Facebook Places had a more immediate impact on buyer behavior by rewarding customers for their check-ins.