Digital Customer Service: The New Rules of Engagement

new rules of customer service

Digital customer service requires not simply expansion of existing customer service, like adding chat to your website. Digital customer service requires a total paradigm shift.

Social Media Success: Give a Sh*t About Customers

social media complaints

The time when burying your head in the sand and ignoring customers worked is OVER. Instead, embrace complaints as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers.

#BePresent: Engagement Metric from Sprout Social


In social media, we’ve always said the first rule is that you have to be present. Your customers are online and, if you fail them, their more likely to complain on Facebook or Twitter than to pick up the phone or register their complain on your website. That’s why we say you must be present […]

Integrate Your Social Media with Offline Advertising

social media marketing success

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Cross listing Set up your social media with memorable vanity links so when you share them offline, customers can find you easily.  This way, when you put your Facebook symbol in your ad, customers can find you easily on Facebook (or Twitter or Foursquare, etc).  Getting a vanity URL on […]

5 Tips for Creating Social Media Content that Rocks!

social media marketing

We often hear that social media content is KING! And, there’s a reason for that — social media content encourages sharing, builds lasting customer relationships, helps prime the sales funnel with qualified prospects, and builds your online reputation (brand). But, creating great social media content is hard — especially if you have to do it […]

How To Monitor Social Media Strategy: Analytics

growth of start-ups relies on effective marketing

So, you’ve got your social media marketing strategy in place and have started working on posts and updates and doing all the things outlined in your social media marketing strategy plan.  You’re busy engaging customers, writing great content, and sharing across multiple social platforms, but nothing seems to be happening to your bottom line !  […]

Listening in Social Media

My own experience listening in social media is mainly in an area commonly overlooked by firms who mostly use listening as a means of reputation management or pro-active complaint handling. My expertise in online listening is using online conversations as a means for understanding consumer behavior.

Facebook Business Marketing

facebook like

Fan Page … Profile Page … Group ?????? Which is best for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Even though the question is simple — the answer is anything but simple. The best Facebook Business Marketing Strategy is muddled and depends on your marketing goals, your target market, and your industry.