Does Your Website Match the Customer Journey?

customer journey map

Last week I argued that firms need to concentrate more effort (and money) on top of the funnel marketing and metrics need to reflect the new priorities of measuring the success of actions aimed at the top of the marketing funnel. Today, I’d like to expand on that by helping you match your content to […]

Social Marketing vs. Social Customer Service

social media support your local business

Actually, I don’t think it’s so much an issue of marketing VERSUS customer service as it is an issue of using customer service to SUPPORT your marketing efforts, especially in social media.  In fact, Richard Branson, of Virgin Group, puts together teams containing both marketing and customer service in his social media teams.  That’s because […]

Branding, PIVOT, and Paid PR

Ask a Marketing Expert

Brand Awareness I have a question from a linkedin connection: “what is the best way to create brand awareness for loyalty programs?” Nancy Loderick I say it would depend on the buyer persona for the loyalty programs. Where are the customers/prospects? Are they online? Where online? Depending on where these folks are, I would focus […]

Marketing Strategy: Using Social Media to Create Customer Value

To achieve organizational goals, firms need to not only create customer satisfaction (or better, customer delight), but creating customer value. ocial media can be a great tool for creating customer value.

Generating Customer Delight as a Tool of Marketing Strategy

Customer delight represents a tool that can generate sustainable competitive advantage, thus supporting your marketing strategy. And, while customer satisfaction may be simply the ante necessary to get into the game, customer delight can create customer loyalty that translates into long-term profitability.

You Promised: A Powerful Marketing Strategy

While we might be willing to accept broken promises from politicians, we don’t seem willing to make the same concessions to companies we do business with.

Ways to Measure your Return on Investment

A recent post discussed Marketing ROI and some problems inherent in measuring Marketing ROI. Today, let’s expand on effective ways to measure ROI.

Experiential Marketing: Is it the Key to Your Customer’s Satisfaction?

Developing an evolving marketing strategy to constantly create competitive advantage is the challenge facing businesses throughout the developed nations of the world. Experiential Marketing is the Next New Thing.