Social Media Analytics: Predictive Analytics

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics have been around a long time in finance and economics.  Slowly, these analytic tools are finding their way into the marketing and social media arenas. What are predictive analytics? Predictive analytics use data regarding past behaviors to predict how individuals will behave in the future. For instance, your credit score is a predictive […]

Handling Customer Complaints is Critical for Business Success

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Handling customer complaints is a critical factor determining the long-term success of your business. And handling customer complaints quickly is more important now than ever before because customer complaints spread so quickly though social networks.

Marketing Productivity in Social Media

Ask a Marketing Expert drew several top experts, Steven White from UMass-Dartmouth and Barry McLawhorn, a social media consultant, to discuss the issue of how social media affects marketing productivity. Interesting discussion.

Another Week of Marketing Strategy

As the week draws to a close, I’d like to recap topics in marketing strategy that we covered this week and maybe talk a little about what I hope to do next week.

How to Build Perceptual Maps

perceptual map

Perceptual maps are valuable tools of marketing strategy. This post identifies the 4 steps necessary to develop perceptual maps and use them to create better marketing strategy.

7 Ways to Create Value with Customer Relationship Management

social media marketing salaries; customer relationship management

Last week I tweeted an article entitled “CRM will be dead in 10 years.  What do you think?”.  Well, I’ll tell you what I think — its about time.  Now, this statement might seem odd or surprising coming from a marketing professor, but let me explain.  The concept behind CRM is flawed and should die […]