How Social Media Helps Your Marketing Efforts

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To truly understand social media analytics, you really need a little background on how social media functions in a marketing context. Some of you are likely very familiar with this and can just skip to the next section. For the rest of you, here’s a little primer on how social media marketing works. Social media […]

Social Media as Market Research

social media market research

Social media is a fabulous market research tool! It allows you to step into everyone’s living room and hear the kinds of conversations they have around their dining room every night (well, assuming people still HAD conversations around their dining table). Social media as market research Businesses seem to always think about social media as […]

Analytics: Social Media Marketing Grows Up

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Social media is changing — and analytics are leading this transformation.  Yet, surprisingly, when I pitch my business to prospective clients, I’m shocked to find competitors never mentioned metrics or analytics when discussing their services.  Or, they assess metrics that don’t lead to success of your social media marketing strategies — like #Fans/ Followers, Page […]

The 8 Biggest Failures With Social Media Marketing

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Failing in your social media marketing efforts? Maybe you tried social media and didn’t see much lift.  Social media seemed like a lot of work — learning the idiosyncracies of different social networks, creating and scraping content, engaging your network — for very little ROI (Return on Investment). Ever think maybe you were doing social […]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Marketing Is LOVEABLE

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Interesting graphic today from HubSpot on how marketing is loveable.  I’m not sure when marketing became a 4 letter word, but I agree marketing spruced up its image with the rise of social media. Of course, understand that only a small fraction of most company’s marketing spend is for social media — and much of […]

Why Social Media? 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Social Media to Your Marketing Efforts

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Those of us who work in marketing and social media don’t need much convincing as to why social media is a critical element of any marketing strategy.  But, I was at a start-up networking event last week and discovered quite a number of entrepreneurs didn’t even know what social media is. So today let’s talk […]

Marketing Strategy: Segmenting Consumer Goods

swimming in the red ocean.

Building a successful marketing strategy is hard because it combines quantitative knowledge and skills with experience and intuition — a blend of art and science. Developing your marketing strategy based on what your competitors are doing means you’re competing in the red ocean (full of blood from the dead bodies of those who didn’t survive […]

5 Lessons from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Help Your Social Media Marketing

social media lessons from Lynyrd Skynyrd

Last night I went to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at Wolf Trap and realized part of the reason they’re still selling out concerts is they’ve mastered techniques I promote in support of your social media marketing strategy even through the they’re using them in the physical world rather than a virtual one.  Take a look […]