Is LinkedIn the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle?

linkedin engagement

Are you using LinkedIn? Why not? Even if you’re working in the consumer space, LinkedIn might be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle. LinkedIn marketing opportunity QuickSprout does a good job presenting the importance of LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy (see infographic below). To prove my point, here are a few stats […]

Marketing Mix Model: Back to Marketing Basics

marketing mix models

I hope you’re enjoying my series on Back to Marketing Basics as much as I am. Not only are marketing basics fundamental building blocks of firm performance, the Back to Marketing Basics series explores how marketing is a living thing — evolving over time. Today, I wanna talk about the 4 P’s marketing mix model […]

Social Media Success: Give a Sh*t About Customers

social media complaints

The time when burying your head in the sand and ignoring customers worked is OVER. Instead, embrace complaints as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers.

Use Instagram for Ecommerce: 3 Tips

pushing the right emotional buttons

Why use Instagram for ecommerce. If you want to get heard and your products in front of a target audience, Instagram is your best bet, as it is an excellent platform for customer engagement and retention. Competing in an oversaturated online market is hard and simply setting up a flashy ecommerce site is not enough […]

8 Tips for Optimizing YouTube for Social Media Success

youtube channel

YouTube is definitely the world leader in video sharing, with an unbelievable 72 HOURS of content uploaded every MINUTE. Vimeo is the next closest contender in the video sharing space, but it’s a smaller site more often used by filmmakers to share ideas than businesses using video as an anchor to their social media success. […]

10 Tips For Making Money with Social Media

Turning a profit using social media, for some, is as elusive as a white rhino. But, it doesn’t have to be. Think of social networks as a big party and try to fit in — not be the life of the party. My Infographic, courtesy of my partner, Ideas and Pixels, shows great tools for […]

Analytics: Social Media Marketing Grows Up

social media roi

Social media is changing — and analytics are leading this transformation.  Yet, surprisingly, when I pitch my business to prospective clients, I’m shocked to find competitors never mentioned metrics or analytics when discussing their services.  Or, they assess metrics that don’t lead to success of your social media marketing strategies — like #Fans/ Followers, Page […]