8 Tips for Optimizing YouTube for Social Media Success

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YouTube is definitely the world leader in video sharing, with an unbelievable 72 HOURS of content uploaded every MINUTE. Vimeo is the next closest contender in the video sharing space, but it’s a smaller site more often used by filmmakers to share ideas than businesses using video as an anchor to their social media success. […]

Social Media Week – Analytics, Listening and Gadgets

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Well, it’s Social Media Week again and DC is one of the cities hosting events. I’ve been busy hopping from one networking event to a demonstration to a panel to a seminar.  Great fun to connect with colleagues and learn a few new things.  I’ll likely have more later, but here are some initial thoughts […]

Branding: 5 Steps in Creating a Personal Brand

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If you think about it — each one of us is a BRAND! What have YOU done to build your personal brand? Here’s what Paul Rand, President of Zocalo Group advised graduates from Northwestern University: What’s most compelling to me is that the proven foundations and principles of driving recommendations for brands are almost identical […]

The Future of Social Networks

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The future of social networks Lots of changes going on in social networks — the Facebook IPO on Friday (and subsequent 11% drop in share price on Monday), Lawsuits filed against Google (Antitrust) and Facebook (Privacy), new social platforms, including Pinterest further fragment the social landscape, and advertisers grow increasingly skittish about paying for online […]

Marketing: It’s Not Just Advertising and Sales

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At the start of every semester, I tell each new class that marketing is more than advertising and sales.  Never has that statement been truer than now — with the increasing prominence of social media.  Advertising and sales gain their glory from the ability to link them to profitability.  But, it’s really these other elements […]

Social Networking Salary: Media and Marketing

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Social Networking Salary Guide Demand for social media employees is growing rapidly, driving up salaries — but not enough, according to Maggie McGary.  And the situation is much worse for women in social media marketing, than men; confirming the glass ceiling still exists. The problem is there’s lots of supply for all those social media […]

Ask A Marketing Expert: Building a Personal Brand

Ask a Marketing Expert

Every interaction contributes to the personal brand you create — enhancing your brand or detracting from it.  Some interactions don’t contribute positively or negatively to your personal brand, rather providing more information about what your brand stands for.  Are you fun? Are you intelligent or witty?  Are you cool? Are you sophisticated or down to […]