How to Use Consumer Psychology to Increase ROI

consumer psychology and ROI

Consumers are people first and understanding the consumer psychology of how consumers learn about your brand and buy it can explode your ROI.

6 Weapons of Influence in Social Media

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the first 3 weapons of influence and today I’d like to talk about the last 3 weapons of influence you should use to convert visitors to your social media platforms, encourage fans and followers to share your social media content, and build your community. As I’ve said before, […]

Branding, PIVOT, and Paid PR

Ask a Marketing Expert

Brand Awareness I have a question from a linkedin connection: “what is the best way to create brand awareness for loyalty programs?” Nancy Loderick I say it would depend on the buyer persona for the loyalty programs. Where are the customers/prospects? Are they online? Where online? Depending on where these folks are, I would focus […]

How To Create a Marketing Plan: Part 2.

sustainable competitive advantage

My prior post covered the first half on How to Create A Marketing Plan.  Today, I’m covering the second half of how to create a marketing plan.  Specifically, we’ll be covering using findings from the situation analysis to develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your objectives.  The last part of this series will […]

Ways to Measure your Return on Investment

A recent post discussed Marketing ROI and some problems inherent in measuring Marketing ROI. Today, let’s expand on effective ways to measure ROI.

How to Measure Marketing ROI

No one wants to throw money down the drain, so measuring ROI (return on investment) is an important way to ensure you get value for the money your business spends.

Its Either your Job or your “Friends”: Social Media Under Fire

social media

Many companies block access to social media in the workplace, but now they’re trying to dictate what employees can say in social networks from home or on their mobile devices.