6 Secrets to Content Marketing Strategy Success

a well-balanced content marketing strategy

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock or lived in some remote are, you know how important a sound content marketing strategy is to your ROI. Content marketing is the new SEO, not only scoring big with search engines (especially Google who’s increased the impact of fresh, valuable content on a consistent basis in […]

Social Media Marketing: Why Your Business Needs a Blog

social media support your local business

Last week I participated in a discussion on the CMO group in LinkedIn regarding whether websites were old school and blog sites new school (Posted by John Tantillo, PhD). Here’s my comment on that topic: Angela Hausman • Good questions, John. I think it depends. For well-known brands, like Apple and Macy’s, consumers likely search for them. But, […]

White House Correspondent’s Dinner: Digital Correspondents?

social media

After President Obama’s repeat performance at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, one might ask about the relevance of digital correspondent’s in an age where more people get their news from their computer than a printed paper in their driveway. And, that’s just what Mashable did today. They reported on a recent survey by CareerCast […]

Use Social Media to Support Your Local Business

social media support your local business

Local businesses often feel like social media just isn’t for them.  But blogging is still a good way to make money, even if you never want to make money from your blog.  Small local businesses can see a huge increase in sales through blogging and other social media tactics driving customers to your physical store. […]

Does Blogging Fit in a World of Social Media Domination?

blogging and social media

Recently, experts like Jeremiah Owyang question the fit between blogging and social media. I mean, with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, do we still need blogs? But, look at how important blogging is for business success, according to Technorati: As you can see, bloggers are blogging more because people still read blogs and buy based on […]

Ask a Marketing Expert Moving to Google+? And Website in a Minute


Ask a Marketing Expert was so busy on Friday, I had to split the archive into 2 parts.  Part 1 posted yesterday and here is part 2.  Today, we’ll talk about a new service offered by Steve Wiideman that builds a website for you in less than a minute.  The new  website is completely SEO […]

Social Media Marketing: Small Businesses in Developing Nations

growth of start-ups relies on effective marketing

I thought I’d share the powerpoints from my 2 day training with Nigerian University Chancellors visiting Howard University to learn how technology can be used to promote economic development and success of small businesses in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.  Obviously, I talked about how to use social media as a driver of economic […]

Most Successful Online Marketing Strategy: SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Affiliate, or Paid Search?

A great question was posted on Quora and the answers are great.  I thought I’d share them with you.  Happy Holidays. Answer from Steve Wiideman: Steve Wiideman, Creative Search Strategist I think the best answer to this question is “yes” or “all of the above”. Depending on your industry and niche, you mind find better […]