Social Media Analytics Review: Beckon

social media analytics

One of my favorite perks of running this website, is meeting great people and learning about new things in the online/ inbound marketing space — especially new social media analytics tools. A couple of weeks ago, I got a demo of a new tool — Beckon — that has a lot to offer. It’s price […]

The Secret to Social Media Success is HUMAN


The secret to social media success is decidedly human. Running your strategy based solely on “scientific” data doesn’t promise the rewards of a balance between big data and human understanding.

4 Steps to Optimize Content Marketing Strategy


Do you optimize content marketing to achieve your goals? Here’s a 4-step process you can use alone or with SocialEars.

Steve Jobs: The Movie, The Man, The Apple

innovation at apple computer

Did Apple computers thrive because of Steve Jobs or in spite of him? Will Apple survive his death or decline into oblivion?

9 Essential of Content Marketing

content marketing versus link building for SEO

What do you need to know in building your content marketing strategy?

30 Top Social Media Analytics Blogs

top social media analytics blogs

Looking for advice on how to assess your social media marketing efforts? Here are my favorite social media analytics blogs. Feel free to add to my list.

10 Digital Trends of 2013: Are You Ready?

marketing information system graphics

Digital trends demonstrate both the new ways consumers engage online and the new ways businesses are profiting from the digital revolution. Take a look at this slideshow to see data related to these digital trends. Top 10 digital trends. Digital trend #1: m-commerce While many firms still struggle to optimize their e-commerce efforts, the world […]

Social Media Insights – A Strategic View

social media insights

The starting point for all your social media insights is your strategy — what do you want to accomplish? Gain more subscribers? Get leads? Make sales? Social Media Insights From these goals, you establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) — in other words what tells you you’re reaching your goals. When you’re talking about making sales, […]