How to Use Consumer Psychology to Increase ROI

consumer psychology and ROI

Consumers are people first and understanding the consumer psychology of how consumers learn about your brand and buy it can explode your ROI.

A Measurement Plan for Social Media

measurement plan

Do you have a systematic measurement plan for social media? What steps do you take to assess the performance of your social media?

Content May Be King, But Marketing is Queen

content marketing dillemma

To be clear, I didn’t coin this phrase, but I certainly agree wholeheartedly that content may be king, but marketing is queen. And, I’ve written about this before … the notion that content marketing, at its core, IS marketing. Why marketing is queen In a slightly dated study by AOL and Nielsen, 27 MILLION pieces […]

Free Lunch Over at Facebook

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Well, we all knew it was going to happen. The free lunch is over at Facebook. Some are angry.Some feel betrayed. But, really. Did you expect Facebook was going to give us free traffic forever? Try selling that deal to your ad rep from the newspaper or TV station. Facebook is a business, just like […]