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This Week in the News: Mobilegeddon

+-*Well, it’s been a few weeks since Google brought the hammer down on websites that aren’t mobile. If you want to read my take on the whole mobilegeddon issue, take a look at this on Surviving Mobilegeddon. On this week’s edition of the week in the news I thought we’d take a look at the […]

predictive analytics

One Metric to Rule Them All!

+-*Is it true that there’s one metric to rule them all? Yesterday, I attended an analytics session at the Modev MVP conference — which is a great group of folks and an excellent learning experience for product managers. The panel consisted of key folks from NPR, Uber, OPower, and other companies discussing how they’re using […]

content marketing success

Optimize Content Marketing with This 5 Step Checklist

+-*Wanna optimize content marketing on your website and social networks? This checklist from TopDog is a great tool to help. Also, check out my ebook on content marketing. What you’ll learn: How to optimize content marketing using editorial calendars. Why you need to write for humans, as well as search engine ranking. What’s the optimal […]


This Week in the News: Digital Analytics

+-*In today’s issue of Marketing News, I’m focusing on Digital Analytics. First up, we have an article published in Business2Community by Rebekah Richards on predictive analytics in evaluating leads. BTW, if you’re interested, I have a proprietary algorithm developed for culling leads from your email marketing program that’s very effective. What Are Predictive Analytics? Predictive […]