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Parllay Gamification and Insights Up the Ante for Content Marketing

I had a call last week with the folks from Parllay (Tarek Najm, CEO & Founder of Parllay and Sherwyn Soff, President of Parllay Enterprise) about their new tools that aid content marketing using a semantic knowledge graph and gamification to close the loop between social media engagement and commerce. As content marketing expands its […]

social analytics suck

7 Reasons Why Social Media Analytics Suck

Just a few years ago, businesses stumbled in the dark trying to make sense of their social media marketing efforts because they lacked metrics for systematic assessment. Today, businesses fare much better with social media analytics from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and a host of cross-platform analytics tools. Some are even free or very low cost. […]

free speech versus cyberbullying

Freedom of Speech Versus Cyberbullying

When does your freedom of speech turn into cyberbullying? That’s the question making the rounds of social media after the firing of Elizabeth Lauten (actually she resigned, but I doubt any intelligent person believes she wasn’t “asked to resign” after the incident sparked a feeding frenzy on social media), communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher […]

a well-balanced content marketing strategy

6 Secrets to Content Marketing Strategy Success

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock or lived in some remote are, you know how important a sound content marketing strategy is to your ROI. Content marketing is the new SEO, not only scoring big with search engines (especially Google who’s increased the impact of fresh, valuable content on a consistent basis in […]