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digital marketing and traditional marketing

Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing: What’s the Buzz

As marketers, we’re caught between the old and the new — digital marketing, with all it’s promise (but significant risk and uncertainty) and traditional marketing, that we’ve counted on for decades. Is it really a choice between digital marketing and traditional marketing? Or do the two fit together like and hand in glove? What you’ll […]

digital marketing stats

This Week in the News: Digital Marketing Stats

Well, as always, a lot of interesting stuff going on in digital media. Let’s start this off with a bang by talking about digital media stats and move on to some equally important, but less true stats related digital marketing in the news. 14 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week By Christopher Heine […]

content marketing strategy

Perfect Content Marketing

Perfect content marketing is not easy, but the payoff from content marketing is bigger than almost any other marketing tactic. Of course creating content is only half the battle in content marketing. Perfect content marketing involves crafting valuable content on a consistent basis, SEO optimizing content according to existing standards, and sharing the content in […]

marketing strategy

This Week in the News: Video Marketing

Video marketing. Maybe the thought brings visions of Hollywood: expensive sets, lighting, cameras that cost more than your car, paid actors … And, sure, you can spend a bundle on creating a first-rate corporate video. My daughter, an actor, recently starred in a corporate video directed by a leading Hollywood director and probably cost in […]