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social media analytics

Are Social Media Analytics Lying to You?

I ran across a Tweet the other day that looked like this: As a data-driven marketer, I was horrified by the Tweet after spending years convincing clients they needed to use social media analytics to drive their marketing efforts and improve market performance. I immediately jumped to the post and, after a little more digging […]

instagram strategy

Crafting a Sound Instagram Strategy

I posted a few weeks ago about Instagram strategy, but recently got this new infographic (at the bottom of the post) from Salesforce Canada that I knew you would enjoy. Just in case you need some convincing that Instagram impacts your market performance, check out the stats in the first part of the infographic: Instagram […]

personality word cloud

He Has a Great Personality: Using Digital Footprints to Segment Markets

Isn’t that the line when someone tries to fix you up with a blind date — he or she has a great personality. It’s usually code word for ugly. Unlike in dating, in the case of target marketing, personality may be your golden ticket. A brief history of segmentation Segmentation began in the 1950s and […]

emotions in the buying process

Are You Tapping into Emotions in the Buying Process?

In a recent post, I attempted to debunk the notion that we’re rational consumers — citing research showing how emotions are important for guiding decisions and how advertisers create content that taps into emotions in the buying process. Today, let’s focus on emotional intelligence as a means to segment your market and use deep understanding […]