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How to Optimize Your Posts Using Post Length and Sharing

Content is king! Long live the king! You know content marketing is the secret to getting traction for your website (which is where the magic of conversion happens) and building engagement on your social platforms. To help, we’ve published several posts about how to optimize your posts. I mean, you put a lot of effort […]

The Customer Journey

Hacking the Customer Journey

In today’s edition of Back to Marketing Basics, we’re gonna talk about how to hack the customer journey. Before we start, let’s be clear about what the customer journey looks like. The customer journey Economics uses a very logical vision of consumers as utility maximizers (whatever a utility is??). Thus, the view of economists is […]

social media analytics

Analytics in Action: Predictive Analytics

In today’s session of Analytics in Action, I want to show how to use predictive analytics to create digital marketing success. We’ve talked a lot about predictive analytics in prior posts, such as: What are predictive analytics? Improving ROI with predictive analytics and, steps in developing predictive analytics Also, check out what our friends at […]

stealing digital content

The High Cost of Stealing Digital Content

Why do some folks think that just because stealing digital content is easy, it’s OK? Maybe a generation who learned to steal online music and movies just doesn’t have the same view of stealing content? Maybe the stress of producing fresh content (a necessity in a post-Panda search engine ranking world) gets to be too […]

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Hot Off the Presses: Changes to Google Analytics

Recent changes to Google Analytics make this valuable tool even more powerful in guiding optimization of your digital marketing efforts. How can you use changes to Google Analytics to improve your market performance?