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universal analytics

Rockin’ Google’s Universal Analytics: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you rockin’ Google’s new Universal Analytics? Even Yoast (creator of my favorite WordPress Analytics plugin) finally supports Universal Analytics, so there’s no excuse. Universal Analytics provide access to enhanced analytics (especially about visitors to your website) and, it’s easy to add to your website or convert from Classic Analytics. Here’s a step-by-step guide for […]

combining traditional media and social media

Traditional Media and Social Media: It’s NOT a Choice

Social media (or new media) gets so much hype and traditional media is just so easy to bash that we forget both have their place (and tactics). The real problem comes when businesses rely solely on traditional media, especially when they ignore what’s being said about their brands on social media, or when they use […]

optimizing content marketing

Optimizing Content Marketing

Optimizing content marketing isn’t always easy so here’s a little slideshare of best practices based on a survey from Software Advice and Adobe.