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management style and innovation

Is Your Management Style Killing Your Business?

+-*Your management style might be killing your business. Your management style and corporate culture are an important part of your overall strategy and have an enormous impact on your market performance. Yet, management style is a balancing act between control and independence. Looking at most firms, you’ll find an unwieldy bureaucracy where management does the […]


Strategy, Strategy, Strategy; My Kingdom for the Right One

+-*Strategy, strategy, strategy. While strategic planning has never been easy, the framework for developing strategy was very straightforward and linear: evaluate, plan, execute, assess. But the classic way to develop strategy is only one of many options. Last week I shared a new take on strategy in the form of exponential organizations — organizations that […]


5 Types of Killer Images: Free or Low-Cost Tools and Tricks of the Trade

+-*Images drive engagement, build excitement over your posts, induce clicks, and drive traffic. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you know this. According the Jeff Bullas: Articles with images get 94% more total views posts with images get 94% more views Click To Tweet Hubspot cites evidence from […]

exponential organizations

Exponential Organizations: Is This the New Normal?

+-*OK, so exponential organizations may not be the new normal, but you may soon find an exponential organization driving your established brand out of business with a new business model. Here’s a little excerpt from their book on exponential organizations showing just how dangerous they are to existing organizations: Now it is time to introduce […]