Are Google Plus Post Ads Over the Top?

google plust post ads

Google recently introduced “Plus Post Ads” on Google+ (or Google Plus, for those of you who recognize symbols don’t work well for SEO — which you’d think Google of all companies would understand) which further adds to the advertising clutter on social networks. However, Google ignores its own dominance in advertising through AdWords by positioning […]

Why Predictive Analytics is Better than Stuffing with Turkey

predictive analytics

Yum. Maybe I’m just channeling Thanksgiving — which is only a few days away, but this title just jumped into my head as I was working on today’s edition of Analytics in Action. What do predictive analytics and stuffing have in common — probably nothing, but you know the yummy goodness of stuffing with your […]

It’s All About the Click: Traditional media versus digital media versus social media


Conversion is the end zone in marketing. Not just getting folks to buy your product, but speeding them on their buying journey by signing up for your mailing list, downloading your white paper, or going to a webinar. Don’t believe me? According to Hubspot research, 13% of all leads come through email marketing; making it […]

Are You Pushing the Right Emotional Buttons?

pushing the right emotional buttons

Despite what you learned in your economics class, we’re really not all that rational. Push the right emotional buttons nearly ensures a successful sale. If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe science. In his studies of folks whose emotional brain centers were damaged, but had fully functional rational brain centers, Damasio found emotional damage […]

Is Your Data Taking the 5th?

social media analytics

Some businesses struggle with the basics of social media analytics — getting past measuring likes, follows, RT. Meanwhile, leading firms moved well past these descriptive analytics — and even more substantial statistics that help optimize post times and determine where leads come from. Leading firms use predictive statistics to go beyond what worked, to help […]

The Internet Economy

Saul Klein

The Internet economy is bright — very bright according to Saul Klein of Index Ventures. But, are investors getting returns like Facebook and Google when they invest in tech? Or are they missing some of the secret sauce that makes these investments almost bullet-proof? Returns like Facebook and Google Look at recent investments by Facebook […]

3 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing

youtube video marketing

Are you using YouTube marketing effectively? Do you realize how important video is in today’s internet? Do you even think about YouTube video as marketing? Well, it is and YouTube video marketing is an essential element of a successful digital marketing strategy! Video content accounted for 66 percent of all Internet traffic in 2013, according […]