Marketing your Lean Startup

lean startup method

Lean startup is probably the hottest concept in entrepreneurship today. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but you’re not quite sure what all the hype is about. Well the father of lean startups, Eric Ries, sums up the lean startup concept as: The Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and get […]

Bagging a Winner: How These Brands Took it to the Next Level with Social Media


The new year is upon us and marketing is changing. Whereas some years ago the best way to target potential customers was traditional billboard or television advertising, or even in more recent years, a well-designed website, the world of social media has eclipsed this. A good social media campaign is about so much more than […]

Metrics for Top of Funnel Marketing Matter

conversion funnel

This is what the typical conversion funnel looks like. Top of funnel marketing refers to efforts aimed at awareness and consideration while conversion is the bottom of the funnel. Conversion is the holy grail — the point where all your marketing efforts pay of and money flows into the corporate bank account. Sure, you want […]

An Insider’s Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

digital marketing analytics

Forbes proclaimed 2014 the Year of Digital Marketing Analytics, summing up the problem this way: If most digital marketing programs or campaigns have a weak area, it’s analytics. One recent study identified that the biggest talent and hiring gap in online marketing is in the analytics space. 37% of companies surveyed said that they desperately […]

So, You Wanna Be a Rock Star (in Content Marketing)?

be a content marketing rock star

Content marketing was once an effective means to draw visitors and establish thought leadership until Google Panda (Penguin, Hummingbird, etc) mandated fresh content on a consistent basis. Now, being a content marketing rock star is difficult as content fights for attention in an increasingly crowded internet. Of course, the solution is to get others to […]

Tips for Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing

the ROI of digital marketing

In the bad old days, digital marketing was a free-for-all where instant gurus touted their money-making formulas (usually little better than snake oil salesmen) and deluded followers into spending thousands for coaching programs that didn’t work. Of course, without metrics for measuring the ROI of digital marketing, these gurus continued raking in the money from […]

5 Tools to Create Images for Social Media Sharing

content marketing strategy

If you’re like me, you’re creating and curating content for a variety of social media platforms – check this out for creating optimized posts for each specific social media network.We know social media posts containing images get more engagement (including social media sharing and clicks), but getting a great image into you posts can be […]

Is LinkedIn the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle?

linkedin engagement

Are you using LinkedIn? Why not? Even if you’re working in the consumer space, LinkedIn might be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle. LinkedIn marketing opportunity QuickSprout does a good job presenting the importance of LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy (see infographic below). To prove my point, here are a few stats […]