5 Challenges of Real-time Social Media Analytics

real-time social media analytics

Hopefully you’ve adopted some social media analytics strategy to boost your ROI, but how effectively do those analytics translate into meaningful insights that guide your business tactics and how quickly do these insights percolate through your organization to affect strategic planning? Do you plan based on real-time social media analytics? If you struggle to integrate […]

Economics and Marketing: What it Means for Business

economics and marketing

There’s long-standing tension between economics and marketing — despite the fact that marketing is an offshoot of economics. Marketing is really the blending of economics and psychology (with a little sociology thrown in). And, it’s the addition of psychology that irritates economists. The major difference between economics and marketing is that economists believe consumers are […]

25 Must Have Content Marketing Tools

content marketing dillemma

A great infographic showing great content marketing tools. Which ones do you have? Which content marketing tools SHOULD you have?

Marketing Simulation versus A/B Testing

a/b testing

Marketing simulation versus A/B testing A/B testing involves creating different versions of your marketing materials. Consumers view only 1 version using a process of random selection to determine which version any consumer sees. Marketers then monitor to see which version performs best, usually based on consumer actions, such as buying the product, or subscribing, consumer […]