How to Optimize Content with Social Analytics

social analytics

How to Optimize Content Marketing with Social Analytics Whether your goal as a marketer is to engage your community, drive leads to your online store, or increase brand notoriety, content marketing is paramount. For each goal, you’ll need to define specific content strategies and monitor specific social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Content marketing and […]

The Power of Videos and Other ‘Clickables’ in Social Media

power of video

As a business owner, you probably already understand the power of social media. From connecting with clients on your Facebook page and posting photos of your latest products on Instagram to Tweeting out sales and promotions on Twitter, you have done a pretty terrific job of keeping up with all that social media has to […]

Social Media Analytics: Data ≠ Information

social media analytics

Social media analytics suffers from too much data and too few insights. Mostly what we have are metrics for tactical understanding and not information for strategic decision-making.