Is LinkedIn the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle?

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Are you using LinkedIn? Why not? Even if you’re working in the consumer space, LinkedIn might be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle. LinkedIn marketing opportunity QuickSprout does a good job presenting the importance of LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy (see infographic below). To prove my point, here are a few stats […]

Marketing Jobs – September 9


Marketing Jobs This is the first week we’ve seen the new jobs listing come out at Howard University.  A very nice group of marketing jobs available to Howard students, as well as other qualified marketing individuals.  Howard students interested in marketing jobs should register with CPD.  Others interested in these jobs should contact the company […]

Marketing Jobs: Eli Lilly, Enterprise, WTNN-TV


Marketing Jobs for the week of April 22 Here are the marketing jobs available for this week — some are part time positions or internships, others are full time marketing jobs. If you’re a Howard University School of Business student, please use the associated marketing job number and contact CPD for more information about the […]

Marketing Jobs: Sales and Marketing Jobs


Here’s this week’s list of marketing jobs. As always, this list comes from the Howard University School of Business, although jobs are open to all applicants.  If you’re a Howard student, contact CPD or visit their website.  For interested applicants not affiliated with Howard University, you can apply or get more information about these marketing […]

Social Networking Salary: Media and Marketing

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Social Networking Salary Guide Demand for social media employees is growing rapidly, driving up salaries — but not enough, according to Maggie McGary.  And the situation is much worse for women in social media marketing, than men; confirming the glass ceiling still exists. The problem is there’s lots of supply for all those social media […]

Marketing Jobs: McDonalds, Gaylord Hotels, and the NY Post


I’m a little late getting the marketing jobs listing out this week, so I apologize. Here’s the list of marketing jobs open this week. Numbers refer to marketing jobs listed at Howard University, however most employment opportunities are open to anyone.  If you’re a Howard student, please contact CPD for more details.  Others should contact […]

Marketing Jobs: New York Post, Captial One, and More


Here are this week’s marketing jobs — both internships and full-time marketing jobs.  Marketing job openings are listed with Howard University, but most are open to all qualified individuals. If you’re a Howard University student, please contact CPD for more information.  All others should contact the company directly for more information.  Good luck.   Internships […]