Marketing Jobs: Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Unilever

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Marketing Jobs: Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, and UnileverHere’s this weeks batch of marketing jobs. If you’re a Howard University marketing student, please register at CPD (Center for Professional Development) for an interview. If you’re not a Howard University student, you may still apply through the corporation’s HR department.

Good luck and let me know how these interviews work out.

Internships & Part Time Jobs
New positions highlighted

Food & Agriculture Media Internship
World Watch Institute
Deadline: 10/1/11
Nacelink ID: 2132072
Marketing & Communications Program Assistant
PBS News Hours
Deadline: 9/24/11
Nacelink ID: 2132080
Customer Development/ Sales Intern
Deadline: 9/20/11
Nacelink ID: 2132140
Academic Marketing International Home Entertainment Intern
National Geographic
Deadline: ASAP
See job board on 2nd floor for more details.: 2132131
Professional Services Analytics Intern ProgramThe Nielsen Company
Nacelink ID: 2131930
Diversity Summer Internship Program
The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: 10/12/11
Nacelink ID: 2131751
Marketing Intern
Proctor & Gamble
See Attachment for Details
Customer Business Development Intern
Proctor & Gamble
See Attachment for Details
Marketing Intern
Conoco Phillips
Deadline: 9/22/11
Nacelink ID: 2132482
Social Media Intern
Deadline:  11/2/11
Nacelink ID: 2132557
Business Sales Consulting Intern
Northwestern Mutual
Deadline: 10/8/11
Nacelink ID: 2132783



Full-Time Opportunities
New positions highlighted

Social Media & Communications  Coordinator
Center for International Private Enterprise
Deadline: 9/20/11
Nacelink ID: 2132066
Marketing SpecialistSaint –Gobain CorporationDeadline: 10/7/11

Nacelink ID: 2132056

Marketing AssistantUnileverDeadline: 10/11/11

Nacelink ID : 2132133

Sales Leadership Associate
Deadline: 9/28/11
Nacelink ID: 2132275
Marketing Full-Time
Proctor & Gamble
See Attachment for Details
Customer Business Development
Proctor & Gamble
See Attachment for Details
Marketing, Sales & Service Field Manager
Deadline: 9/19/11
Nacelink ID: 2132479

Marketing job listing are updated every Sunday.  Please subscribe to my RSS feed to ensure you get the marketing job listing every week.  Good luck.

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