Are Google Plus Post Ads Over the Top?

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Google recently introduced “Plus Post Ads” on Google+ (or Google Plus, for those of you who recognize symbols don’t work well for SEO — which you’d think Google of all companies would understand) which further adds to the advertising clutter on social networks. However, Google ignores its own dominance in advertising through AdWords by positioning […]

The Internet Economy

Saul Klein

The Internet economy is bright — very bright according to Saul Klein of Index Ventures. But, are investors getting returns like Facebook and Google when they invest in tech? Or are they missing some of the secret sauce that makes these investments almost bullet-proof? Returns like Facebook and Google Look at recent investments by Facebook […]

How to Optimize Your Posts Using Post Length and Sharing

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Content is king! Long live the king! You know content marketing is the secret to getting traction for your website (which is where the magic of conversion happens) and building engagement on your social platforms. To help, we’ve published several posts about how to optimize your posts. I mean, you put a lot of effort […]

15 Ways to Be Nice in Social Media Posts

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Are you “nice” in your social media posts or are you spammy? Nice social media posts engage and build your audience, while spammy posts make you look stupid, ignorant, or just plan lazy. Spammy posts might also get you banned from social networks. Making nice in social media posts Take a look at the infographic […]

Social Media Boon or Bust for Small Businesses?

social media boon

Just a few years ago, social media or digital marketing was heralded as the “Great Equalizer” — a tool that would give small businesses an equal footing with the giants (enterprise businesses). With the recent change in organic reach at Facebook, is that still true? Is social media a boon or bust for small business? […]