How To: Digital Marketing

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Is your digital marketing strategy optimized for the changing digital landscape? Here are some trends you need to know.

Social Media Advertising: Are You Winning?

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If you aren’t doing social media advertising, what’s stopping you? It’s not like when you were a kid and your parents told you not to do something just because everyone else is doing it.

Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day?

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Can you REALLY do social media marketing in 30 minutes a day? Well, I’m not sure. Here’s a cool infographic I found yesterday and I’ll let you judge for yourself. Social media marketing in 30 minutes a day? Certainly, social media marketing is doable in 30 minutes a day — you could even probably get […]

How to Outsource Digital Advertising

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We all know that digital advertising is a powerful tool for selling your products and services. As business owners, outsourcing manages your digital advertising while you focus on managing your business.

Social Media Marketing Success: Content Marketing

content marketing

content marketing is the key to social media marketing success. Good content marketing provides value to visitors and makes sharing easy.

Hard to Ignore Google Adwords

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I got this great Google Adwords infographic the other day from WordStream (if you create infographics, white papers, ebooks, or products related to marketing and social media, please share them with me and I might review them on this site). I’ve posted several times about successfully using Google Adwords, which I think is a valuable […]

Google Adwords: 5 Take-Aways

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Today, I finish our discussion of Google Adwords by recapping 5 important take-aways from prior posts.  You can read the original posts on this website.  We started with some basic Google Adwords strategy, moved on to discuss keyword strategy, gave advice on formatting Google Adwords ads. and finally showed you how to create a Google […]

Running a Successful Google Adwords Campaign

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Previous posts showed you how to format an Adwords ad, using keyword research in Google Adwords, and basic Google Adwords strategy.  Today, I’ll talk about actually creating the ad in the Google Adwords system, which isn’t all that intuitive. To help, here’s a YouTube video from Google to help you get started with Adwords. Budgeting […]