Facebook Business Marketing

facebook logoFan Page … Profile Page … Group ??????  Which is best for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Even though the question is simple — the answer is anything but simple.  The best Facebook Business Marketing Strategy is muddled and depends on your marketing goals, your target market, and your industry.

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE –  Facebook Fan Pages are business pages designed for companies to engage customers.  Companies use these pages to share news about their brands, solicit customer feedback, promote their brands, host brand events, and even sell products online.  For instance, take a look at 1-800-Flowers Facebook Fan Page.

FACEBOOK PROFILE PAGE – A Facebook profile page is the standard Facebook page commonly used by individuals to share information, photographs, interesting factoied, and, increasingly, their beliefs and attitudes about the brands they buy.  The “Like” function that allows Facebook Profile members to interact with brands through Facebook, also automatically shares this interaction with their network of friends.  Hence, if a Facebook user has 2000 Friends (which is common among many teenagers and your adults) your message becomes viral very quickly.  Thus, with only 100 Likes among Facebook members with 2000 friends, your message reaches 200,000 individuals.  If you’re like Starbucks, with over 16 Million Likes, with an average of only 100 friends in each network, their message reaches 1.6 BILLION people (although the number is reduced somewhat as some recipients get multiple messages).

FACEBOOK GROUPS – Facebook Groups are a new tool available on Facebook.  Groups consist of Facebook members who share a common interest.  Groups may be open — and anyone can join the group — or they may be closed — and individuals must be approved to join the group.  All posts to the group are automatically sent to group members, although the message does not automatically post as a status update on the Facebook users’ profile page.  Thus, Facebook Groups are much less efficient in spreading a message far and wide. This limitation in Facebook influence is countered with the benefit of the message being transmitted to a targeted group of Facebook users. Thus, the reach of the message may not be as broad, but the impact may be just as great or greater.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss more aspects of these three Facebook membership options and cover more benefits and drawbacks of each Facebook option.  On Sunday, we’ll provide some examples of when each Facebook membership option would be the best alternative for your business Facebook needs.

Meanwhile, what has your experience with Facebook Business Marketing been like?

Why did you choose yourparticular Facebook business options?

Are you happy with the results you’ve experienced?

Based on this discussion, would you change your Facebook Business Marketing option?