Facebook Business Marketing

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It’s been a while since I talked about social media strategies for Facebook Business Marketing and much has changed.  So, I thought I’d discuss some issues to create success with your Facebook business marketing.

Facebook Business Marketing

Facebook is just one tool for social media marketing, but it’s a biggie.  Facebook currently has nearly 1 BILLION users.  Even considering that some of these profiles are duplicates or represent users who don’t actively use Facebook, the potential for marketing on Facebook is still massive.  Especially when you consider the reach exceeds what you’d get from spending $3 Million of a Super Bowl Ad.

But, your Facebook Business Marketing only works IF you do it RIGHT.

Facebook Business Marketing Tools

1. Your cover photo:

Facebook Business Marketing

Here’s my cover photo for Hausman and Associates.  I’m not a graphic designer, but I created this myself using Adobe Photoshop.  I realize it could use some professional help, but you see what can be done in an afternoon with limited experience with Photoshop. At a minimum, continue your branding with the same color scheme, images, and fonts. Aim for lots of white space and avoid things that are violations of Facebook’s terms of service, like including the website address or phone number in the cover photo. I also included a picture, although I know I need a new headshot — but who has the time.


Facebook got rid of tabs a long time ago, but now includes apps — those little boxes under your cover photo.  These can be very useful.  For instance, I include a link to sign up for my email newsletter — Hausman Marketing Letter — using the Aweber app (most email marketing providers can integrate with Facebook).

Below, you’ll see my Aweber app under special offers.  When you add an app to your page, you’re given the opportunity to upload any image you want associated with that app.  If you’re tech savvy, you can grab the Facebook API and create your own apps.

Facebook Business Marketing

Creating Engagement

Of course, the holy grail of Facebook business marketing success is creating engagement for your page — it’s this engagement that amplifies your messages to reach a large audience.  Using images and links both increases your visibility — and potential amplification of your message — and includes the call to action that drives sales or helps you reach other goals.

Creating engagement is a huge topic, which you can read about more on this site or my presentation of DC Tech Week.

Facebook Terms of Service

Always pay attention to Facebook’s Terms of Service because Facebook is pretty unforgiving if you breach their terms of service.  I’ve known folks who lost their profile or page without warning.  Facebook is pretty unresponsive to requests for re-activating these Facebook properties and usually doesn’t even give you a reason why it banned you.

And, Facebook’s terms of service vary as they change their interface — what your Facebook fan page looks like and works like.  So, what types of things are violations of Facebook’s terms of service.

  1. No duplicate profiles – although you should NEVER use your profile page for your business.  Profiles are for people, pages are for business.  If you have 2 profiles, turn one off.
  2. Don’t add people to your network that you don’t know.  That’s why Facebook created the “subscribe to updates” option.  So, if you’re a popular Facebook personality like Mari Smith or Guy Kawasaki, you can subscribe to their updates.  That way you get all their content, just like you were “Friends” without violating Facebook’s Terms of Service.  Plus, there’s a 5000 limit for friends and subscribers have no limit.
  3. Cover photos can’t be promotional.  So, don’t include your phone number or URL, don’t put in calls for action, don’t add statements requesting visitors to “Like” the page.  These are good practices for marketing, but Facebook decided it didn’t want users using promotion in their cover photos.  You CAN include these in the links BELOW your cover photo.

 Your Turn

Have you used Facebook to market your business? What results do you get from your Facebook business marketing?




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