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Digital Marketing

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After only 1 week with Hausman & Associates, we went from 0 to over 1000 visitors a day! — The Iota Project.

Hausman & Associates is a leader in data-driven digital marketing. Each program is completely customized to meet the goals of each individual business. Examples of our customized digital marketing solutions include:

  • In-depth social media marketing strategy — competition, personas, external environment, keywords …
  • Content marketing strategy and implementation
  • Advanced analytics and conversion tracking
  • Social media marketing strategy including multiple social media platforms, content curation, engagement, and analytics integration
  • Email marketing
  • Adwords and other forms of online advertising (includes remarketing)
  • Landing pages
  • Market research including feasibility, opportunity analysis, personas …
  • Website designSign Up - Button Orange
  • Apps
  • Branding (including logo and graphic design)
  • Offline marketing

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We can’t really show our clients’ results (you wouldn’t want us flashing your proprietary info around), but we’re happy to show you what we’ve achieved for our own social media marketing — mostly using bootstrapping and almost n0 advertising.

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