Blogging for Money Can Be Easy as 1-2-3

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Learning to Blog is easy when you have step by step directions.

You hear about people making money every day on their blogs — passive income requiring little work to bring in money.  Maybe you thought you could do that.  You bought the books, attended the webinars, maybe eve paid good money for programs you hoped would teach you how to make money blogging.

I know how hard blogging is — I’ve been running this blog for over a year now and have build a substantial following, with new visitors coming all the time.  Its been fulfilling, but an incredible amount of hard work.  In the early days, it was also confusing, frustrating, and aggravating.  I’ve learned a lot along my journey, but without some very knowledgeable folks who held my hand and guided me through the process,  I would still be thinking about creating a blog rather than writing one.

I recently read the Problogger book on earning a 6 figure income from blogging.  A nice framework for understanding how to make money blogging, but I didn’t really learn much.  In part, anything I hadn’t already figured out myself was too general to be helpful or assumed I really knew how wordpress worked.  Statements like inserting advertising into my page — great, I KNOW what to do, but I still have no clue how to do it.

So, I decided to create new blog and show everyone how I did it — not talk about doing it, but show them screen by screen — step by step — what I was doing.  I also decided it would be fun if other people had the opportunity to be involved in the process.  Its kind of building on that old adage:

Tell me an I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn — Benjamin Franklin

I created a new space for our crowdsource experiment — Let’s Blog for Money — I know, its a schlockly name, but it has good SEO value which would maximize the number of people who might get involved in the project, since lots of folks are searching for “blogging for money”

Currently, we’re deciding on a niche — first brainstorming then analyzing the potential of our possible topics for the new blog.  We’ll move through other steps in the process over the next 6 months or so.  Hopefully, we’ll bring in experts to help us maximize our opportunity.  And, I’ll have you — I hope.  Giving me advice, input, help, and guidance as we move through the year.

We’ll review product and service companies from web hosting companies, to widgets, to themes, to advertisers in an effort to reduce your efforts at finding providers and keep you from getting ripped off by some of the scam artists operating in this field.  Once blog in up and running, we’re even planning on doing profit sharing with folks who contribute content to the site.

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  1. Shanneika Howell says

    Blogging for money is such an excellent topic. I was shock to see that someone could make so much off of just blogging. I feel like a lot of the classes I’ve taken at various educational institutions teach you how to work for someone else instead of being self-sufficient. It would be very interesting to learn about blogging for money.

    • says

      Shanneika, I’ll be teaching a class in the fall at Howard University, if you’re interested in learning more. And, I think the problem with classes is there’s too much emphasis on learning how, rather than doing. And much of the doing takes place in groups where the learning is limited as the team doesn’t work together so much as they split things up and work on the part most like what they already know. My class will involve students working independently.


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