30 Top Social Media Analytics Blogs

top social media analytics blogsOK, so I KNOW that as soon as the post goes live, I’ll get emails and comments about blogs I’ve missed. Sorry, but NO list is ever complete and, with tremendous interest in social media analytics and new websites/ tools popping up all the time, it’s impossible to ever have a complete list.

That’s why I used List.ly to curate this list of what I consider my top social media analytics blogs. Help me crowdsource the most comprehensive list of social media analytics blogs out there by adding to my list. Add you own blog, if you want, or blogs you find share great content. It’s free and unmoderated, so feel free to add as many great social media analytics blogs as you want. The really cool things is that, when you add to the list, it automatically updates this post. — Coolness!

You can change the position of a blog on the list by voting up the blog, so vote to ensure your favorites are on top.

A few comments of social media analytics

Social media is a very new type of marketing — never call it a marketing channel, because it’s really a different way to do marketing. Until recently, companies lamented the lack of analytics to guide and optimize their social media marketing campaigns. That’s changing rapidly as social media marketing grows up and develops the tools necessary to support business ROI. BTW, if you’re interested in seeing and adding to my list of top social media analytics tools, click here.

So, what SHOULD you measure to optimize the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns. In my new book on social media analytics, I describe 4 types of data companies need to collect and analyze:

  1. What consumers think about your brand and what they want to learn from your brand (sentiment analysis & content marketing)?
  2. What’s working and what’s not – which posts garner the most engagement, how do consumers move through your sales funnel and any problems they encounter, what keywords bring the most qualified traffic to your site, etc.?
  3. What opportunities exist for expanding your brand — what unmet needs exist among your target market or new potential markets, what problems do folks face in buying or using your products, what are competitors doing, how are lifestyles changing, etc?
  4. Who are the influencers in your marketspace and how can you build a community of engaged influencers to promote your brand?

And, now the list of my top social media analytics blogs …

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