Social Media Boon or Bust for Small Businesses?

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Just a few years ago, social media or digital marketing was heralded as the “Great Equalizer” — a tool that would give small businesses an equal footing with the giants (enterprise businesses). With the recent change in organic reach at Facebook, is that still true? Is social media a boon or bust for small business? […]

Is Your Business Spending More Than It Earns?


Running a successful small business is difficult. The costs are high, the competition stiff, and the margin for error slim. Controlling business spending goes a long way to helping a business survive and is one of the big reasons most businesses close up shop before they hit the five-year mark. Companies are always in a […]

Creating Facebook Engagement

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Creating Facebook engagements is really challenging. When interviewed on MarketingProfs, here’s what Mari Smith, Facebook Guru, had to say about this challenge: Well, ‘See’ has absolutely plummeted. I’m like everyone else. I’m in the same boat. My organic reach, in late 2013 I had over 120,000 fans and my posts were reaching an average of […]

Prove the ROI of Digital Marketing Content

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Are you under pressure to prove the ROI of digital marketing content? Here are some options for saving your bacon.

7 Tips to Great Social Media Marketing Content Strategy


Social media marketing content success isn’t easy and it takes consistency. Here are 7 tips to get you started on your way to a great social media marketing content strategy. Tune in tomorrow as I share some of my favorite tools for implementing this strategy. 1. Create great content From your customer’s perspective, not yours. […]

Free Lunch Over at Facebook

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Well, we all knew it was going to happen. The free lunch is over at Facebook. Some are angry.Some feel betrayed. But, really. Did you expect Facebook was going to give us free traffic forever? Try selling that deal to your ad rep from the newspaper or TV station. Facebook is a business, just like […]

Content Marketing in 1 Easy Image

Elements of successful social media marketing

Content marketing is the new tool for success in social media marketing — OK, maybe not so new, but it seems like folks are just discovering it. Here’s the rule of content marketing in 1 easy image.

Segmenting and Target Marketing: Psychographics

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Psychographics help construct buyer personas, which help you better position your brands and market them more effectively.