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organizing digital marketing

3 Tips for Organizing Digital Marketing

It’s easy to find yourself falling behind — failing to achieve as much as you expected each day. Plus, digital marketing is getting harder and more time-consuming. Organizing digital marketing is the key to getting everything done without driving yourself crazy or working until 3 am every day. Like you, I’m pretty busy – I’m […]

digital media

In the News: Differences Between Social Media and Traditional Media

In this week’s edition of “This week in the news” features stories about differences between social media and traditional media. August, CMO survey results First up is a new study from Christine Moorman at Duke University (based on the August survey of CMO’s from leading companies). Twice a year, Dr. Moorman publishes results from the CMO […]

social proof

42 Ways to Build Social Proof, Trust, and Influence

Those who read this column frequently know my habit of finding great infographics and adding my 2 cents to whatever analysis provided by the creator. I have a little treat for you today — a nice infographic laying out 42 methods to build social proof, trust, and influence with potential buyers. Build social proof, trust, and […]


Summer’s Ending: Is Your Digital Marketing Ready?

It may be hard to believe with much of the country still sweltering in the 90’s, but the dog days of summer are near. A cursory glance at your Facebook feed confirms this as summer vacation photos give way to first day of school pics of shiny faces wearing their new school togs. Vacations are […]