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Hacking Strategy

Hacking Strategy: Balancing Control and Flexibility

+-*In today’s discussion on hacking strategy, I’d like to focus on the tradeoffs inherent in balancing control and flexibility. From today’s discussion, I hope you’ll gain an appreciation of: Why you need flexibility and control to reach strategic goals? Why you give up control to gain flexibility and visa versa? How to make the rights […]

mobile is king

Surviving Mobilegeddon

+-*Well, Google finally did it. They said they were gonna and yesterday they threw the switch on mobile. After warning webmasters in January and providing tools within Google Webmaster Tools for monitoring your mobile health, Google brought the sword of Damocles down on sites that aren’t mobile-ready. If your site isn’t mobile-ready, today is Mobilegeddon. […]

digital marketing success

3 Ingredients in the Secret Sauce for Digital Marketing Success

+-*What’s the secret sauce for digital marketing success? I did a podcast interview on Friday — I’ll share the link through my social networks and with my email subscribers once it’s live — and that was one of the questions asked. I was a little flummoxed because, to digital marketers, that’s like asking the secret […]

management style and innovation

Is Your Management Style Killing Your Business?

+-*Your management style might be killing your business. Your management style and corporate culture are an important part of your overall strategy and have an enormous impact on your market performance. Yet, management style is a balancing act between control and independence. Looking at most firms, you’ll find an unwieldy bureaucracy where management does the […]