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Why Social Media Stands in the Soup Line this Campaign Season?

Why are the 2016 political candidates basically ignoring social media as they craft their advertising campaigns? Are candidates entrusting their political careers to a bunch of old fuddy duddies who aren’t with the times? Did everyone forget how Obama came from a lowly freshman senator to President of the United States using the power of […]

content marketing

This Week in the News: Marketing Mix

In this week’s edition of the news, we’re talking about the marketing mix — you know, that old staple of marketing often called the 4 P’s. Earlier this week, I posted an article on why the 4 P’s are still essential in today’s tech-charged world. Be sure to check that out as well. Let’s start […]

consumer psychology and ROI

The 4 P’s: A Marketing Tale

OK, so maybe you think you already know everything there is to know about the 4 P’s — that hallmark that for many people is synonymous with marketing. But, like many things in business, the 4 P’s evolve over time and it makes sense to rethink this staple concept in a new era. The 4 p’s […]

in the news: marketing strategy

This Week in the News: Marketing Strategy

This week you’re getting a little bit of a double dose of “This Week in the News” because, earlier in the week I posted about the Content Aggregator, showing how it can help with this type of post. For this post, I’m combining 2 columns — “This Week in the News” plus “Getting Back to […]